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Just a few ways in which DropSwitch will change the way you work forever...


  • No more production costs

    Make as much stock as you want. No need for discs, inlays, boxes, booklets or anything else normally associated with the creation of stock. Click other headers for more info...
  • Remove all physical limitations for your products

    Forget about the past - make any sized product, large or small and revise or edit any aspect at any item. Your virtual inventory is organic and also available anywhere in the World instantly.
  • Create massive new sales opportunities

    Your virtual inventory is much more attractive to resellers than physical stock so many more of them will now be interested in selling your products.
  • Take control of your destiny

    Keep control over how your products are presented, what copy protection they use and stay in touch with your users - build your business and your partners' rather than helping build your rivals' businesses.
  • Maintain existing and create new partnerships

    Don't throw away your valuable business relationships by taking advantage of the power of the internet - help it make them stronger as well as creating new ones that previously weren't viable. Your products will be available to resellers quickly and easily - making them very attractive to sell.


  • Slash your costs

    No more shipping costs to you or from you to your customer - and deliveries are instant too!
  • No stock, but you always have everything in stock

    You now don't need any space to store stock, working capital to buy it and it's much harder for anyone to steal it too. You're never out of stock of what your customer wants either. You also don't have to worry about outdated or damaged stock, just making sales.
  • Compete effectively

    Now everyone can share in all the advantages of download sales traditionally only available to few. Instantly offer downloads for sale with zero set-up hassles.
  • Painless transition

    You don't need to know anything about the internet, you don't even need a website, now anyone can sell downloads like a pro. DropSwitch will integrate painlessly with any retailer - on-line and off-line.


  • Compete effectively

    Selling downloads allows you to have every possible advantage and offer these to your resellers so you and they can compete effectively, gaining a competitive edge rather than giving one away. Enjoy the largest possible profit margin and offer more products instantly.
  • Offer a wider range

    Because stock is now 'cost free' offer a wider range to provide a better service to your suppliers and customers.
  • Concentrate on your strengths

    Don't waste a large proportion of your time on mundane stock management issues. Concentrate on marketing, promotion and selling more products - all made easier by the advantages of selling on-line. Less logistics mean more time to add value.
  • Simplify just about everything

    Product information is delivered instantly and directly from your suppliers, everything is also instantly available. Sales are shown in real-time, user details available instantly making support issues much easier to handle transparently - most of what you need to know is at your fingertips keeping admin to a minimum.

Whatever you do DropSwitch creates countless exciting opportunities by 'magic' because of the way we've built it. It's designed to magnify the strengths of every business and make it easier than ever to work together.

Client Testimonial
We've spent a lot of time looking at digital download services, even producing our own, but the service we have finally decided upon is DropSwitch
Steve Rush, MD Softline UK
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About Us
DropSwitch is a Future Commerce Service Supplier established in 2011. Originally conceived to create technologies for our existing businesses, we now offer these tools to you. We are driven by a desire to create innovative solutions and offer an extremely agile, scalable and flexible service to empower businesses.
We offer an integrated range of specially-created tools to sell effectively, now and into the future. A constantly evolving system built on our core values. Promoting diversity, opportunity and ingenuity to make the marketplace a better place for consumers and developers alike.
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Use our contact form to get in touch and let us know what you're interested in. We'll get back to you within 24 hours. Existing users should visit our developer website for any support issues, feature requests and phone support details.

Also feel free to 'Like' our Facebook Page or follow us on Twitter. The services are linked so just select the one you prefer.