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  • Compete Effectively[+]
    Selling downloads allows you to have every possible advantage and offer these to your resellers so you and they can compete effectively, gaining a competitive edge rather than giving one away. Enjoy the largest possible profit margin and offer more products instantly.
  • Offer a wider range[+]
    Because stock is now 'cost free' offer a wider range to provide a better service to your suppliers and customers.
  • Concentrate on your strengths[+]
    Don't waste a large proportion of your time on mundane stock management issues. Concentrate on marketing, promotion and selling more products - all made easier by the advantages of selling on-line. Less logistics mean more time to add value.
  • Simplify just about everything[+]
    Product information is delivered instantly and directly from your suppliers, everything is also instantly available. Sales are shown in real-time, user details available instantly making support issues much easier to handle transparently - most of what you need to know is at your fingertips keeping admin to a minimum.
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DropSwitch offers distributors the opportunity to make their strengths - specialist market knowledge, local representation, promotion and more - as valuable as they have ever been. With the trend towards direct downloads many distributors have seen a massive drop in software sales potentially threatening their very existence. DropSwitch changes everything however by making it once again viable to compete effectively through traditional distribution channels and offer developers a service that direct on-line alternatives cannot match. DropSwitch is a game changer.
Be able to sell digital products available on DropSwitch - no stock costs, vastly reduced admin and a competitive edge for you and your resellers.
Use DropSwitch to get into previously inaccessible markets by removing barriers presented by traditional stock. Offer your major resellers 'white label' DropSwitch channels so they can share the same advantages you enjoy. Create a powerful, new distribution network.
Create your own DropSwitch channel to offer your resellers and end users the ultimate experience when downloading digital products. Maintain your dealer network, embrace the advantages of digital delivery and build an asset for your business.
DropSwitch downloading Revolution

Whatever you do DropSwitch creates countless exciting opportunities by 'magic' because of the way we've built it. It's designed to magnify the strengths of every business and make it easier than ever to work together.