Retailers can make thei own app store
Make your own app store

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  • Slash your costs[+]
    No more shipping costs to you or from you to your customer - and deliveries are instant too!
  • No stock, but you always have everything in stock[+]
    You now don't need any space to store stock, working capital to buy it and it's much harder for anyone to steal it too. You're never out of stock of what your customer wants either. You also don't have to worry about outdated or damaged stock, just making sales.
  • Compete effectively[+]
    Now everyone can share in all the advantages of download sales traditionally only available to few. Instantly offer downloads for sale with zero set-up hassles.
  • Painless transition[+]
    You don't need to know anything about the internet, you don't even need a website, now anyone can sell downloads like a pro. DropSwitch will integrate painlessly with any retailer - on-line and off-line.
  • Effective sales assistance[+]
    DropSwitch acts as a silent salesman working for you 24 hours a day on-line and in-store. All the info your customers need are always on hand and up-to-date - make use of your display computers to help create additional business for you.
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DropSwitch offers retailers the chance to 'level the playing field' with on-line etailers and sell instantly to their loyal customers. Now there's no need to lose sales because products are out of stock or cheaper on-line. You'll retain many of your customers for physical products anyway - now you can use your personal relationship with them to sell them digital products more effectively too. Not only can you take advantage of your physical store, you can also compete much more effectively on-line too. Whatever your existing systems DropSwitch will integrate with them and create new opportunities to grow your business.
Be able to offer your customers a large catalogue of products without having to stock them, incur delivery costs or even have a website or any technical knowledge.
Create your own DropSwitch channel and a whole new virtual aspect to your business to ensure you aren't left behind by the transition to digital delivery but take control of it and make it a valuable part of your business.
Actively market downloads in-store and on-line. Promote hardware and exploit your loyal customer base and compete on equal terms on-line with specialist e-tailers. Maintain a valuable revenue stream you will otherwise lose.
DropSwitch Revolutionary download service

Whatever you do DropSwitch creates countless exciting opportunities by 'magic' because of the way we've built it. It's designed to magnify the strengths of every business and make it easier than ever to work together.