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Different Roles - Shared Goals
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4 ways to work with DropSwitch


Developers can manage all their digital products in one place and instantly work with anyone safely and securely. Reduced costs, administration, better information and new sales channels make DropSwitch a compelling opportunity.


Distributors can leverage their expertise and contacts to build powerful new brands that support their distribution networks effectively and build their business on strong foundations to face new challenges in the future.


Retailers can now quickly and easily sell downloads and compete with rival on-line services and websites on an equal footing. No stock or shipping costs give them the opportunity to 'stay in the game'.


DropSwitch technology can also be licensed or franchised if you wish to integrate it even more deeply into your business. Use our Contact Page to discuss this opportunity with us.

Top 4 Reasons Why…


Do you want to sell digitally?
You can sell to anyone with DropSwitch. Whether they have a website, a blog, or just a bricks and mortar store - everyone can sell your downloads!


How do you want to do it?
Once your products are on DropSwitch you and your resellers can offer them exactly as they wish. Almost anything is possible & the choices are all yours.


Do it once, fast & right!
You don't want to have to go through the endless process of setting up downloads with every reseller individually do you? That's not progress is it?


Build YOUR business!
Bring clarity to your existing brand or create an entirely new one - it doesn't matter - DropSwitch creates a powerful new digital identity for your business.

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